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Guide to Choosing CBD Oils for Your Dog

CBD for pet

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring substance in both marijuana and hemp plants. As far as the sources are concerned, the cannabis plant usually has a higher THC concentration, a psychoactive compound, than the hemp plant. Ideally, any CBD products meant for human or pet use should contain at most 0.3% THC. This means that as your pet enjoys the health benefits, he will not get high in the process.

It is worth noting cbd oil for pets are not created equal. Therefore, it is essential to do some due diligence before settling on any CBD oil brand. That said, here are some factors to consider when buying CBD products for your furry friend.

Full or Broad Spectrum

When looking for CBD oils for your Dog, it is advisable to limit your options to full or broad-spectrum CBD brands. Ideally, a full spectrum brand is specially formulated to offer loads of other nutritional elements and not just CBD. Most importantly, it should have other cannabinoids such as CBC and CBG, which have been shown to offers lots of health benefits.healthy pet

Method of Extraction

The method of extraction should also be a pivotal factor to consider when choosing CBD oils for dogs. Ideally, most of the CBD oils on our shelves are extracted using either solvent or CO2 extraction methods. The latter is highly favored when it comes to extracting quality CBD. CBD dog brands extracted using the CO2 method also tend to have a high concentration of CBD, meaning that your Dog is assured of getting more from this supplement.

Certificate of Analysis

Before getting to the market, most manufacturers subject their products to rigorous tests. However, even though most manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure they offer quality, always ensure that the brand has a certificate of analysis (COA). Essentially, this document validates claims by the manufacturer by capturing the amount and type of cannabinoids in the product.

Third-Party Tests

It is worth emphasizing that the last thing you should do is take the manufacturer’s word to sell the best product. Instead, always make sure that a third-party lab tested the product. It is worth noting that the CBD oils industry is not highly regulated, but this should not be a reason to overlook third-party tests.

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