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Top Ways for Funding Your LLC


Obtaining proper funding is an important part when starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Many businesses fail since they do not have enough capital to survive the startup phase. An effective and detailed business plan is an important requirement when raising funds, to prove to potential lenders and investors your strategy to be profitable over time or paying back the loans. When starting a business, opting for an LLC is usually a good move since it limits your liability and protects your assets as to the owner. And since the formation process is involving, you can hire reputable agents who offer the service to form llc.

Below are some of the top ways of funding an LLC:

Informal Loans

personal loanOne way to fund an LLC business is by obtaining loans from friends and family. This is because, within the social circles and family, there is a strong connection. These people know you and will be willing to trust and put their money to support the start-up. Such financing is easy to obtain but has a risk of creating long term family conflicts if not repaid. If comfortable with such a risk, it can be a good source of funding.

Adding More Members to the LLC

bring on new membersIncreasing members is a way of funding the startup. Despite the urge to go solo, it is usually important to add more LLC owners or members to help with funding. You can put together your resources with that of other owners to support the venture. With them, the social network of a business is broadened and potential investors. Apart from additional capital, they can learn from each other’s professional experiences.

Loans from Financial Institutions

loans from banksYou can also use the traditional route by getting loans from credit unions or banks. They will require a business plan to be part of the loan application. Many lenders are aware of the inexperienced businessmen increasing the possibility of rejection. Borrowing against existing collateral increases the chances. When using personal assets as security, failure to repay business loans can lead to loss of the underlying asset.

Liquidating Own Assets

Many people look into personal assets when funding new ventures either by using them as security for loans or liquidating them. In some cases, you can use personal savings, or sell real property, like your home to obtain funds for an LLC. However, one should be careful since if they default on the loan repayments, they may lose the new business. It is also possible to borrow from retirement accounts.

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