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Tarot Reading: History and Gains

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We can confidently say that life offers us one of the most puzzling experiences. There are several hills, valleys, potholes, and other obstacles we face and have to deal with if we want peaceful lives. The trials that we go through can potentially make us give up or keep on pushing. It’s hard for most people to believe in practices like fortune-telling, palm reading, or tarot interpretation.

We have become so dependent on people and machines. This dependency is one of the many factors that keep people unaware of their true potential and the universe’s power and energies. If you are interested in a tarot reading, below is a list of benefits it offers and a bit of history on the old practice.

History of the Tarot

tarotIt’s hard to ascertain when the practice of tarot interpretation began. However, what is known, is that the utilization of playing cards for prediction and divination started before the 18th century. Playing cards, in general, appeared in written reports in the 14th century. The known dominant theories concerning the origin of the practice are as follows.

Egyptian Origin

tarot cardThe tarot originates from the hieroglyphics of the Book of Thoth. It depicts a synthesis of Egyptian culture and religion. For this reason, the tarot served as a numeric and hieroglyphic alphabet initially designed for the high priests. The cards expressed primordial cosmic intelligence that developed several religions and societies.

Chinese Origin

There is a similarity between the I Ching and the tarot. The I Ching is an old Chinese text containing knowledge that is traceable back to thirty centuries ago. Since playing cards are some of China’s known inventions, it lends plausibility to the assumption of tarots originating from the Asian region.

Italy Origin

The tarot may have likely or originated from northern Italy. The practice is assumed to start from the court of the Duke of Milan during the early fifteenth century. There are several findings from the 15th-century records that cite the existence of tarot reading during the period.

Benefits of Tarot Reading

Generally, card reading is an excellent way of identifying areas in your life that need developing and improving. The habit is also a way of gaining clarity, finding peace, and using the experience to make life-altering decisions.

The goal of almost every card reading exercise is to help improve a person’s overall life. The practice can serve as a guide to building a better tomorrow.

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