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What are the Uses of synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is a solution manufactured through a combination of water with organic and inorganic components. These components include chloride, phosphates, creatinine, sulphates, and urea. It mimics human urine and has a significant advantage since it is free from any form of waste. Synthetic urine can be used in many places where human urine cannot be applied due to the various reasons. Synthetic urine can be used in several areas as illustrated below.

Passing drug tests

The synthetic urine in the market such a quick fix urine cannot be distinguished with the natural urine. It is for this reason that synthetic urine is used in cheating drug test during urinalysis. Check out quick fix urine reviews to learn more on how you can use synthetic urine to pass a drug test.

Equipment Calibration

The primary function of synthetic urine is to calibrate urine testing equipment. This is because it can be produced of the same standard and be used to standardize the apparatus rather than human urine which is varied.


Medical Students train to carry out urinalysis tests using synthetic urine.

Scientific research

Scientists in their studies and development use synthetic urine to explore the possibility of planting in space alongside urine test to study various diseases.

Diapers Testing

This is an industrial use for synthetic urine. The quality of the diapers can be established through the use of artificial urine. The absorbency of urine and the ability to control the leaks are majorly tested using the solution.

Cleaning Agents Testing

Marketer and salesmen demonstrate the viability of various detergents on cleaning urine stains and also the removal of carpet smell by the use of synthetic urine.

Urine therapy

Synthetic urine can be used as alternative medicine.

Traditionally, urine is used for various medical and cosmetic purposes.



Synthetic urine can be used by the lovers of various pranks such as wetting beds. It is an indispensable item in this game because it cools the joke and makes it less offensive.

Since synthetic urine contains both nitrogen and phosphorus, it can be used in the gardens as a fertilizer. Also, since traditionally, the urine scent fends off animals that destroy gardens. It is more hygienic to spray artificial urine, your vegetables and flowers to human urine.

Fetish games

Due to health and hygiene restrictions, the fetish community prefers synthetic urine over real urine since it is a safety assurance during play.

Synthetic Urine in Space

Scientists are using synthetic pee to develop life support systems for space travel as well. As at now, the International Space Station has a system that turns urine into drinking water.

Synthetic animal urine

There is an imitation of pee of predators like wolves and foxes to be used to repel animal that damage houses like the rabbits, rats, and squirrels. Equally, it is important to note that some animal’s urine smell can mask the human scent. The synthetic animal urine is widely used by photographers, hunters, and wildlife researchers.

Nevertheless, synthetic urine has got many important uses and can really aid in many sectors.…