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Psychedelics as a Therapy Accelerator


Still little researched and blacklisted along with hard drugs, there seems to be gradual decriminalization of psychedelic substances. They promise hope for help where it is often sought in vain – with the healing of mental illnesses. There are different psychedelic substances you can take to manage various conditions in your body.

A perfect example is psychadelic chocolate bars, available in various shrooms outlets. A lot is already being invested in the research and clinical evaluation of psychedelic substances. Ketamine is one of the few psychedelics that is legal to use. It is an antidepressant, even if it was initially used as an anesthetic.

What Does Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Look Like in Practice?

If you take ketamine “just like that,” you will feel better for a few days, and then the depression will come back. If you are “only” in therapy, then again, you will not reach the depths of your psyche as with ketamine. The best is to combine ketamine and therapy.

Both offer only limited options in a way that will bring you long-term relief because it causes a permanent change in your psyche. It is an accelerator or accelerator of psychotherapy. Ketamine stimulates neuroplastic processes. All antidepressants do that, but ketamine is much more effective.

Why Ketamine is the Most Effective Psychedelic

To be depressedmagic mushrooms means, among other things, that the thoughts are constantly turning in circles. This is called rumination – the same thoughts keep popping up. This reduces the circuits in the brain, and some synapses or connections atrophy. Ketamine stimulates neuroplastic processes. Think of it as the sprouting of connections between nerve cells in the brain. All antidepressants do that, but ketamine is much more effective at doing this.

Can the Other Psychedelics Do the Same?

Yes, but until recently, there were no studies comparing the extent of the neuroplastic effect of the different substances. However, various studies show that serotonergic psychedelics can also be similarly intense. These are, for example, LSD, psilocybin (contained in the conical bald head), dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and a few others.

This is why these are currently being intensively researched, but because they fall into the category of the hardest drugs, they can only be used as part of the research. The substances mentioned also show that their effects on neuroplasticity could last longer than ten days. That makes them extremely interesting.

What Happens When Depression Subsides After Taking Psychedelics?

It is referred to as “afterglow.” This is a neuroplastic window in which something different is happening in you than before. You are more vulnerable, more open, think more about yourself, make old contacts more easily, and are in a better mood. It is believed that this occurs because of the aforementioned sprouting.

Thanks to that, you also seem to have an increased ability to learn. This also applies to children in whom natural neuroplasticity is highest and who therefore learn foreign languages ​​quickly. In the ten days after the administration of ketamine, the stimulation of the learning process should be used for psychotherapy.


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