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How to Find the Best Mailing Services

Suppose you have decided to use direct mail advertising strategies. In that case, it is important to choose a mailing service that will be cost-effective and deliver the services you desire for the benefit of your company. The following are some tips that will help you find the best mailing service to work with for your campaign.

Number of Services

Mail services that offer a wide range of products for direct mailing and additional services will save you a lot of time and money. Some mailing services create and mail various products ranging from postcards, leaflets, newsletters, and many more. They also offer services like mailing list processing, ink-jet addressing, certification, address verification, and postal resorting. Take your time and select a mailing service that will deliver most if not all your needs within your financial plan.

Mailing Lists

If you do not have a mailing list or want to enhance the one you have, the best mailing service providers will provide you with mailing lists that are ready for use. Some companies will rent you a list for single-use, two-time use, or unlimited use for a year. You will most often pay a fee for the mailing list, but some companies offer it almost free as a package deal.

Nevertheless, working with mailing services that have high-quality addresses will maximize the results of your advertising. Good quality mailing lists will enable you to target your major customer demographics regarding gender, income, buying habits, and general interests.


Depending on the type of mail you are sending, it’s good to work with a well-reviewed service provider in terms of delivery speed. Some companies do not just mail, but they also offer services like creating postcards, brochures, and other direct mail types. It is best to select a company that has a quick turnaround and will be able to print and mail out your order in optimum quality in the shortest time possible.

Tracking Options

Some mailing companies will give you tracking options for your mail. A trackable delivery will enable you to confirm the receipt of a package at the intended destination. This way, you will be able to monitor the effectiveness and reach of your mail. Tracking methods like on-site postal verification enable you to gauge response rates accurately and determine the ROI (Return on Investment) on your direct mail. More modern mailing companies offer analytics too.

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