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How to Choose Your First Reloading Press

Choosing a reloading press ought to be an easy task. Sometimes it is not. As you know, reloading can be a fun and rewarding hobby to feed your shooting addiction with an adequate supply of ammunition. In some instances, finding the simplest solution can be difficult. There are different types and manufacturers of reloading press out there. This makes the process of narrowing down your possibilities a daunting one. You can get a great ammo reloading press and kit. These are the types of reloading press you will find on the market.

Single Stage Press

This is the least complicated and easiest to use. This press does one thing at a time when carrying out the reloading process. It has a single place to thread a die. Thus, you can only perform one function. Expanding, decapping, priming, and bullet seating will require that you replace the die before you continue.

reloading press setupMost re-loaders recommend this type of press if you are starting out. This can help you learn what happens and how things will look at each particular step of the reloading process. Also, you will have to inspect each casing and ensure the powder charge is correct. Working with this single stage press is a good way of learning how to master all the steps before you get to a more advanced press.

Turret Press

This type of reloading press is only a single step up from a single stage press. It has a turret press that rotates with 5 dies threaded in. This press allows you to turn the turret plate and complete different steps. You can easily decap, size, and charge the seat. In this way, you can make moving through the rounds quite faster. You should note that turret presses are great for precision loading as you need to control over where you are in the process. The rotating plate can help speed up this process.

Progressive Press

This press is more advanced as compared to the turret press. Re-loaders who make large batches of rounds like to use the progressive press. It has all the functions you probably need. In fact, some have attachments to feed cases, primers, powder, and bullets. What you need to do is sit and pull the handle.

However, progressive presses are a bit difficult to handle. After dialing in, cranking through rounds is quite easy and quick. Also, these presses are the most expensive. Fortunately, they can save you a lot of money as you can make your own ammo.

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